RpmExtreme 241J to 6l80-90 T-CASE ADAPTER

241J to 6l80-90 T-CASE ADAPTER
Part Number: JK-LS-TC-ADPT-241 - Transfercase adapter

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Product Description

The Adapter
The 6L80E to Jeep NP 241j transfer cases adapter is compact at only 3.0" long for a combined transmission and adapter length of 29-1/4". The adapter itself is machined of a 6061 billet aluminum alloy, featuring thick flanges and a heavy cross-section. 

Included is a new input gear for the New Process 241j transfer case, which is compatible with the factory 6L80E 4wd output shaft. ----2wd output shafts will require shortening with a cutoff wheel and plugs installed in the case.--

You will need to select the correct inputshaft from the drop down menu above. 

* 32 spline will work with most 2wd 4wd Truck 6l80e transmissions

** 32 Spline Machined will be needed for Car based rear wheel drive 6l80e. Commonly found in Camaros, G8, Impala and others.     ** If  your 6l80 came from a car and has a 3 bolt rubber flange style driveshaft you will need a machined input shaft. 

*** 29 spline will work with most 4wd Truck 6l90e transmissions. (be very carefull when looking at a 2wd 6l90e, most of these had a very large 36 spline output and will not be compatiiable with a Jeep transfer case.)

**** Will not work with Rock-Trac Rubicon transfer case ****

***** Will not work with 2012+ Auto Transfer case due to external spline design *****


Instructions can be found HERE