RpmExtreme 6L80E-6L90E Neutral Safety Switch Module

6L80E-6L90E Neutral Safety Switch Module

Product Description

6L80E-6L90E Neutral Safety Switch Module:


Most newer transmissions are computer controled and do not have any type of external mode switch. All the data is transmitted on the CANbus to the other computers. While this may be a great solution for the OEM manufactures it creates a issue when your looking to swap it into an older vehicle.

This module will send a ground signal on the output wire in the PARK and NEUTRAL positions. This will alow you to wire it into your starter realy and operate as a neutral safety switch.  


  • Ignition +12 Switched
  • Ground
  • CAN +
  • CAN -
  • P-N Signal Output

This unit will come with instructions and diagram. No programing required