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  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • rpmextreme gen4 jeep jk ls conversion kit
  • 12-14 jeep jk ls engine swap diy kit
Part Number: JKLS-12-14BASE-DIY - 12-14 Jeep JK LS Base GEN4 DIY Conversion Kit

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Retail: Web Price: $5,695.00

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Base DIY LS Engine Conversion Kit for 2012-2017  


This base engine conversion kit is for 2012-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK when installing a GM LS GEN IV series engine 2007-2013 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 along with a 6L80E 6 Speed automatic transmission.


We know it can seem daunting to try and wrap your head around so many options, we try and make it a no brainer to get your Jeep up and running. Our harness comes complete plug and play and is 100% brand new. No need to send in your old harness or modify anything and with only a few wires to splice into the existing Jeep its extremely easy to be up and running.


We incorporate a state of the art CanBus module to take care of all the data, that means you get a factory style fully integrated GM engine running in your Jeep with all the factory bells and whistles operating.


Our harness integrates the Jeep and GM side harnesses into one single harness. The engine harness routes directly to the ECU with a factory plug at the factory firewall connector. The bulk of the harness routes behind the engine and under the fuel rails which is visually appealing and allows for factory engine covers to be used. Our under dash harness incorporates the GM accelerator pedal, ALDL, GM fuses-Relays and EZ CanBus module all while plugging directly into the main harness. 

The final result is a harness that features improved aesthetics and versatility, easier to install and offers premium quality and durability. 




The big difference in our conversion compared to others is the technology we incorporate. Your Jeep JK is a CanBus controled vehicle. That means is everything is run by a computer speaking it's own language to all the other modules on the CanBus. GM also uses a CanBus on their GEN IV engines and vehicles, however the GM and Jeep system do not speak the same language. What our EZ CanBus system does is take the GM CanBus and Jeep CanBus run them through our EZCanBus module and translate the language between the 2 systems allowing us to send messages between each one. We are able to take the GM tachometer signal and send it to the Jeep gauges without using an add on reluctor ring or simulator modules. This saves you a lot of time on the install and this is much more reliable. We are also using the GM coolant temp signal and sending it to the Jeep gauge, again saving you time and money by not having to install an extra coolant temp sensor in the engine. Some other cool things we are able to do is have a 100% functioning PRDNL display on the dash with 1-6 gears indicated during TAP shifts. We are also able to use the factory Jeep cruise control switch to control not only the cruise control but also the GM TAP shifting with the added benefit of not having to modify your shifter or instrument cluster. The cruise light and check engine light will function as normal thanks to the EZ CanBus module. We have many other features built into the EZ CanBus system and it is fully upgradable as we add new items. 


 Current features: 

* 100% New harness 

EZ CanBus system 

PRNDL display with 1-6 gears in manual mode indicated on the dash 

* GM TAP shifting using your factory Jeep cruise switch and 12+ bump shifter

* Fully functional cruise control using your factory Jeep cruise switch 

* Factory AC control with evaporator temp monitoring 

* Factory Jeep remote start functional 

* Full GM Emissions compatible 

* GM VVT and AFM-DOD compatible 


What is in the basic kit:

* LS conversion harness (under hood)

* LS conversion harness (under dash) 

* EZ CanBus module IP53 and ISO 9001 rated

* EZ Flash Cable (Option Code Flasher)

* Weld in motor mount brackets (Frame Side)

* Transmission mounting plates (Bolt in on JK Crossmember)

* Transfer case adapter 6L80E to Jeep 241J (NON Rubicon) 

* Transfer case input shaft to fit 6L80

* Transfer case input shaft seal 

* Transmission mount 

* Transmission shifter cable bracket (For 6L80 W/ stock JK shifter & Cable)

* Transfer case shifter cable bracket  (For use with stock JK Tcase Shifter)

* GM Accelerator pedal bracket (Bolt in)

* Fuel line engine to Jeep fuel line (Direct Fit to Stock JK Fuel Feed Line)

* GM E38 ECU mounting bracket (Mounts GM E38 ECU to backside of JK ECU)

* GM EVAP KIT (Vent Valve & Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor) 

* Instruction Book

* Tech Support. 


The basic kit comes with everything you need to get the engine into the Jeep, wired up, and running. This kit is for the guys that have experience with engine swaps and want to build their own exhaust, air intake, AC hoses, and radiator as well as all the miscellaneous parts needed.  

If you're looking for a little more complete kit.  We offer some add on items to the base kit or check out our premium kit. 


Optional or add on items: 


* High flow heavy duty 52mm  aluminum radiator: Direct bolt in for LS Jeep JK 

* AC hoses: Pre-made AC hoses made to fit GM AC compressor.  

* Air intake kit: A custom made composite air intake using a K&N filter.  

* GM ECU Computer. We can supply a GM  E38 computer programmed to your application.

* Manual to Auto conversion kits.

* GM ECU-TCM Tuner

* Transmission Cooler HD kit.

* More items will be added as we build them. 


If you have any questions or concerns please EMAIL before you place an order.

DIY KIT Install Instructions Can Be Found HERE


Transfer-case Input shaft Instructions can be found HERE


Check out our video HERE