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FAQ for Jeep JK LS Swaps



Do I need to modify my instrument cluster

No. There is no need to remove or modify your cluster.


Do I need to modify my shifter

No. There is no need to remove or modify your shifter.


Do I need to modify my engine harness

No. your Jeep engine harness will be removed with your engine and is not used.


Do I need a GM body control module

No. Our can bus technology does the job of the GM BCM.


Do I need to add a reluctor ring on the engine

No. Our can bus systems takes care of tachometer.


Do I need need to add an extra coolant sensor on the engine

No. Our can bus system takes care of that for you.


Can I use my own GM engine computer

Yes. As long as you are using a E38 ECU with a correct calibration.


Do i need to send in my Jeep computer

No. There is no need to remove or modify the factory Jeep ECU


Will I need to regear after a V8 swap

No in most cases. With the extra low 1st gear and 2 overdrives the 6L80E has you wont need to gear as deep. 3.73-4.10 will do great up to 35s and we recommend 4.56 on 37s. 


How do I recalibrate my speedometer

You will calibrate the speedometer the same way you did before. You would use a handheld flash tool or a AEV pro cal to adjust for tire size.


Will my ABS still work 

Yes. Your ABS system will still operate like stock


Will my AC still operate

Yes. Your AC will still operate like stock.


What kind of fuel mileage should I expect

Fuel mileage will depend on engine size, tire size and vehicle weight. On average we see 14-16 MPG around town and 18 on the highway.


Do I need different driveshafts

Usually. The transfer case will sit around 2” further back compared to stock. Most of the time you will be shortening the rear and lengthening the front.



How does the TAP shift work

Tap shift will operate a little different depending on what year your Jeep is.

07-10 will operate by placing the shifter into “manual Mode” (position 2). The display will go from (D) to ( 1 2 3 4 5 6) depending on what gear is selected. You would then use the cruise control lever to “TAP” up or down

2011 will operate similar to 07-10. place the shifter in “manual” and then use the cruise buttons on the steering wheel to “TAP” up or down. We also offer a upgraded cruise switch that has “GEAR + and GEAR -“ 

2012 and newer will operate by pulling rearward on the shifter to the last position. From there you can TAP left or right on the bump shifter to TAP up or down, you can also used the cruise switch to TAP up or down.


How does TOW-HAUL mode work

TWO-HAUL is a second shift mode that can be toggled on or off with the O/D off button located on the auto shifter 07-11 only. When the O/D light is lit you will be in TOW/Haul mode and will be running a different shift pattern. This pattern can be custom programed for towing, performance, offroad etc… 


What is the can bus

The Can bus in simple terms is the way all the computers on a vehicle talk to each other. All the modules “talk” over two wires and can send messages back and forth.


What is a EZcanbus module

Our EZcanbus module in simple terms is the “translator” between the GM and Jeep can bus. It will take data from both sides and translate the message so the other side can understand it. 


What accessory drives can I use

You can run GM truck accessories. You can run 2010-2014 Camaro accessories. You can run Corvette-CTSV accessories with an aftermarket AC compressor.


Will my Rubicon transfer case work with this swap

NO. There are two reasons for this. First nobody is making an adapter for the 241OR. Second with the low gearing of the 6L80E you would have a very low 4WD low range. The factory 241J (non Rubi) case is geared 2.7 to 1 and when bolted to a 6L80E its low range will be comparable to a factory Rubi 4.0 to 1. 


Will my remote start still work

Yes the factory remote start will work just fine.


Will my Rubicon lockers and sway bar still work

Yes. The factory rubicon options will still operate the same even if using a non Rubi T case.


What fluids should I use

We recommend running factory equivalent fluids


What engines can I use

You can run any Gen4 GM engine. We recommend trying to stay between 2010 and 2013 but really any 07-13 engine will work. We support VVT and AFM as well.


What Transmissions can I use

We support the 6L80E and in some cases the 6L90E. We recommend using transmissions from 2010-2013 due to the interchangeability of the ECU programing. You can run 07-09 6L80Es but they will have to be matched to the same year engine ECU. Anything newer than 2013 will need to be reprogrammed to 2013.


Do I need a different radiator

Yes. With the limited airflow of the JK and the increased power of the LS engine we recommend a larger radiator. We recommend a dual core 52mm radiator. 



 Can I run a manual transmission

Yes and NO. GM never ran a manual behind a GEN4 truck so proper calibrations are limited. Also there are very few good options for a manual transmissions that will accept a transfer case.  We can supply a “custom” setup that will work with a manual but you would be on you own with fitting the transmission to the vehicle. 


Can I convert my Jeep from manual to automatic

Yes. All you need to do is install the factory shifter parts and console pieces. We can supply you with these part numbers. Once installed it will operate just like a stock auto Jeep with the dash showing PRND as well.