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TCM matching

The importance of matching the TCM to the ECM

As a general guideline you will want to match the ECU to the TCM. The easiest way to describe it is if you have a 6L80E that came out of a 2009 silverado you would want to match it up with a 2009 engine calibration E38 ECU part number 12625455. Its far easier to program a engine computer than program a transmission computer as they are built into the valve body. We do have the capability to reflash a TCM with our bench top harness but it would require you to remove the TCM and send it to us along with the ECM.

A 2007 TCM should be matched up with a 2007 ECM #19210738
A 2008 TCM should be matched up with a 2008 ECM #12612384
A 2009 TCM should be matched up with a 2009 ECM #12625455
2010 - 2015 TCMs can be reflashed to any year between 2010 and 2013 for our application, We would match this up with a 2010-2013 ECM #12633238

A 2010 and newer transmission is the most desirable due to the fact that it will work with all the engine calibrations from 2010 and newer.

A camaro 6l80e will work with a few mods. You will need to trim the output shaft down, Add a seal and 2 pipe plugs. You should also reprogram it to a truck calibration

A 2wd 6l80E will work after you cut down the shaft and add the seals. We have a 2wd to 4wd conversion kit on our website so you don't have to hunt down seals and plugs. The kit also will come with instructions.