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  • Manual to Auto LS swap info

Manual to Auto LS swap info

Manual to Auto LS swap info

When doing a LS swap on a JK that was originally a manual you will need some extra pieces.
Despite what the internet may say the 6 speed center console is not as wide as a auto console. You can't just slap on a upper trim panel and call it a day.

Here is a list of the main parts for a 07-10 Grey console
shifter                     52060162AE  
Low bracket           52060490AE  
cable                      52060164AD  
Nut  x6                   06104716AA
Consol base           1FG73BD5AB  
Auto upper panel  1CG44XDVAB  

For 2011-2018 we use a 2011 style shifter. This will allow you have full range of gear selection from manual mode to 2nd gear start.

2011 Auto Shifter  68069864AA

Shifter Bezel         68069850AB

Shifter Knob         68069866AA

Lockout cover      52125344AA

Baseplate Sled     52060490AE

Shifter Cable        68067439AE

Console (black)   1PU23DX9AA

Nut x6                  06104716AA


All the ones that we have seen have the harness built into the jeep and all you have to do is plug them in and everything will work including the BTSI Brake transmission shift interlock.

You can also get the cable the runs up to the ignition lock cylinder but we usually don't do this extra step. I think it just keeps you from turning the key all the way off with the vehicle in gear.