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That big warn power plant you have on your front bumper. That thing is killing the airflow across the radiator.

Something to think about before you do a LS swap or any V8 for that matter is how much airflow am I loosing because of my Winch-Bumper combo. Im not talking about "hey it doesn't look like it block much" I'm talking going down the highway at 70MPH and having all the air flow up and over the hood and not thru the radiator. Think aerodynamics, real wind tunnel type of crap. Most of us don't have a wind tunnel in our backyard so we do the next best thing. Go borrow some yarn from grandma, grab some tape and your Go Pro and head out to the Jeep. Take the yarn and cut your self pieces about a foot long and start attaching them all over the front of the bumper, stinger, winch, radiator openings, top of hood etc.... Set up the Go Pro off to the side so you can the whole mess of yarn and go hit the highway. Record what the yarn does at different speeds. You will probably see that the air will stop flowing into the radiator and go up over the hood at some point, some may even see the air coming out of the radiator. Now comes the fun part, you need to determine what is the main cause of the messed up flow. We have seen big changes from something as simple as removing a light bar that was attached to the fairlead. This is something you will need to determine on your own and by trial and error. 

At idle and low speeds this doesn't really come into play. If your running hot at idle or low speeds you have other issues.

We usually only start to see issues like this at 70MPH + on really hot days. If your running the AC your compounding the issue, your basically putting 250º air in front of the radiator. So if she starts to run hot shut off the AC.

Another thing to try is an air dam. Most vehicles especially sports cars with small grill openings will have one. This will cause a low pressure area under the engine and will effectively "pull" air thru the radiator.
True story, back when I was a kid I had a 88 TransAm GTA. One day it started overheating while going down the road. If I stopped the temps would come back down to norman. I tried everything to fix it from water pump to head gaskets. Nothing seemed to fix it. Then one day a much wiser shade tree mechanic said " Kid you tore off your air dam, thats why she is running hot" I went to the dealer bought a new air dam and the problem was fixed. I know on most Jeeps its hard to fab up an air dam but give it a try even if its temporary to see if it helps you out.