RpmExtreme 6L80E - 6L90E Tap Shift Module

 6L80E - 6L90E Tap Shift Module

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  • 6L80E 6L90E TAP Shift Module ezcanbus rpmextreme standalone
Part Number: EZTAP-6L - 6L80 - 6L90 TAP SHIFT MODULE

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Product Description


Most newer transmissions are computer controled and do not have any type of external mode switch. All the data is transmitted on the CANbus to the other computers. While this may be a great solution for the OEM manufactures it creates a issue when your looking to swap it into an older vehicle.

This module is designed to add TAP shift capabilities to your standalone 6L80-6L90 system.  Its a simple wire in soultion and will support multiple different input switches (As developed). 

Curently you have the option for "negative" pull to ground or "positive" pull to 12 volt type. If your switches ground when activated choose the negative type. Negative type is prefered. 


  • Ignition +12 Switched
  • Ground
  • CAN +
  • CAN -
  • TAP Switch UP
  • TAP Switch DOWN

Instructions can be found HERE