RpmExtreme GM E38 Alternator Charging Request Module

 GM E38 Alternator Charging Request Module
Part Number: EZ-ALT-E38 - EZ-ALT E38 Charging Request Module
Retail: $299.00 Web Price: $249.00

Product Description

This module will output the Alternator Request signal to the E38 ECU. This signal was opriginally sent from the GM BCM and would tell the ECU what voltage to command the alternator to. Without a BCM your ECU will output a default voltage message thats normally around 13.2 volts.  Once you install our module your ECU will command the alternator to around 14 volts.


This module installs quick and easy with a 4 wire hookup

power, Ground, CAN+, CAN-


This unit has been verified to work with a E38 ECU and either a Truck or Camaro calibration