RpmExtreme Custom Jeep JK TCM Programing 2012-2018

  Custom Jeep JK TCM Programing 2012-2018

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  • 2012-2018 Jeep JK TCM Tuning Programing
  • Jeep JK 3.6 aw580 TCM reflash tuning NAG1 supercharger

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Product Description

This TCM upgrade is for 2012 and newer Jeep Wrangler JK with an automatic 5 speed transmission (WA580 - NAG1).

Its a know issue that if you run larger tires and gears or a supercharger the transmission just wont shift when its supposed to. 

usually 3rd and 4th gear hang way too long and the dang thing downshifts at every slight hill causing you to rocket up at redline.

We have the fix. This custom programmed TCM will correct all your issues. 

We rework the auto shift speeds and get it back in line with how it should be

We rework the wide open upshift tables to maximize performance at WOT

We rework the Auto stick downshift tables for a nice aggressive feel

Shift pressures are adjusted for a better feel

Torque converter apply and release tables are tailored to the new shift schedule

Torque limits are increased to allow the engine to provide a little more torque

Rpm limits are increased to keep you out of TCM limp mode 

We offer this upgrade two ways. 

SEND IN: Send us your stock TCM and we will flash it and send it back to you ready to go.

EXCHANGE: Purchase a flashed TCM from us. After you have it installed send us your original TCM and we will refund the CORE charge ($326) back to your credit card. ( core must be in good working condition and from your vehicle )

Please follow up your order with a email. It will help us to know about your jeep build, gear ratio, tire size and what specific issues you want us to correct.