RpmExtreme LS JK GEN3 DIY Conversion Harness 07-10

  LS JK GEN3 DIY Conversion Harness 07-10

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Part Number: LS-JK-HARNESS-GEN3-07-10 - LS JK GEN3 Conversion Harness

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Product Description

GM LS V8 Drive By Wire Engine Harness


This engine harness is for 2007-2011 Jeep wrangler JK when installing a GM LS GEN3 series engine 2004-2006 with Drive By Wire aka DBW Electronic Throttle Pedal. This is the bare bones that you need to install a LS GEN3 and have everything working as designed. We know it may seem like a lot of money up front but the time it will save you is well worth it. 


With the overwhelming amount of GM LS series V8 engines at great prices it makes this swap a home run.  


We know it can seem daunting to try and wrap your head around so many options, We try and make it a no brainer to get your Jeep up and running. Our harness comes complete with new relay-fuse pack and OBD2 connector under the dash and with only a few wires to splice into the existing Jeep its extremely easy to be up and running.


Completely redesigned.

The OEM engine harness provides us almost limitless room for design improvement. OEM wiring includes many features that enthusiasts will not utilize and thus they add unnecessary clutter and weight, as well as reduce the ability to esthetically accentuate the engine bay. Our harnesses are designed to be better than OEM quality with newer improved quality wires, connectors, and loom designed to last. They are more flexible and simpler by design than the OEM harness, and they are mapped out in the engine bay to offer the most appealing and maintainable installation we have found possible.

Our engine harness offers many revisions over the OEM harness. Our harnesses integrate the Jeep side and GM side harnesses into a single harness. The engine harness routes directly to the ECU with a factory style plug at the factory firewall connector. The bulk of the harness routes behind the engine and under the fuel rails which is most visually appealing and allows for factory engine covers to be used. We also now include a EZtach module that eliminates the need for a reluctor ring and make the swap that much easier.

The final result is a harness that features improved esthetics and versatility, easier install and maintenance, and premium quality and durability.


This harness is designed to be used with the factory GM accessories. AC and Alternator

This harness comes complete with a EZcanbus module and EZTACH module.

This harness come with a plug and play fuel line. (returnless style intake)

Fully functional dash display with PRNDL

Fully functional cruise control with the factory Jeep switches

Fully functional AC and heat from factory controls

Pentastar Fan compatible ( request when ordering )



This system is designed for use with the 2003-2006 TAC Module and pedal.

Earlier engines can be converted with newer throttle body and electronics. Contact us for details.


Engine computers should match with the correct Throttle body - TAC module - Pedal.

The 2003+ Throttle body will have a 8 pin plug.

The PCM will have a Green and Blue connector

2003:  PCM Serv. No's: 12576106, 12581565, 12582605,  89017733

2004:  PCM Serv. No's: 12586242, 12586243

05-07: PCM Serv. No's 12589462, 12589463, 12602801, 12602802 

2003-2005 TAC # 12573058

2006-2007 TAC # 12590008

Accelerator pedal  2003-2005:  15264643  // * 2006-2007 Plastic 15107594 *

Throttle Body - GM (12679525)


* 06-07 plastic accelerator pedal requires a different adapter harness and programing in the PCM. Our APP bracket will work with this pedal without any modifications. *

In 2004, truck engines went to a single 3/8" supply line, with NO RETURN LINE (returnless) except 5.3L L59 Flex Fuel vehicles.  For 2004, Flex fuel engines KEPT the return line. You will want a returnless system or locate a returnless fuel rail.


Reluctor Types

It is important to know which reluctor type you have, 24x or 58x. You can tell by looking at the reluctor wheel sensor: a black sensor is a 24x wheel, a gray sensor is for a 58x engine. The GEN3 will need to be a 24x reluctor with a black crank sensor. 

The following engines came with a 24-tooth reluctor wheel:

  • 1997–2004 Corvette, LS1 or LS6 (all were drive-by-wire)
  • 2005 LS2 Corvette
  • 1998–2002 Camaro/Firebird
  • 2004 LS1 GTO
  • 2005–2006 LS2 GTO, 2004–2006 SSR (LS2 and 5.3 liter)
  • 1999–2006 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter Vortec truck engines

Install Instructions Can BE Found HERE

If you have questions feel free to email us HERE

You will need to use this chart to verify the type of fuel injector you will be using. 

Fuel Injector Connector Type

Please allow 4-6 weeks as these harness are built to order in most cases